Nomad School

Our trip to the Zagora desert ended with a visit to the nomad school. The friendliness of the Berbers, the openness of the children, the warmth of the teacher and the simple life touched me deeply emotionally and changed me.


Visiting the nomadic school has changed something inside me. The friendliness and hospitality of the Berbers, the tolerance and openness of the children and the warmth of the teacher moved me to tears. It seems that the people who have the least are the most generous.

Our Mission

Due to the loss of a sponsor, school lessons are only guaranteed for a few more months. The salary of the teacher, the school bus and the maintenance of the school cost €400 per month.

Our Motivation

I find it frightening that man has to fight for education, especially because I was able to get a lot of training. If you would like to get involved in a social project with a few euros a month or once, we welcome that!